Arthur Grumiaux's technique as a remedy for tendinitis

 "Violin elbow” is a well known condition that causes significant problems for a majority of violin players performing today. The typical course of treatment prescribed by physicians includes rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and a cast or splint for immobilization.  For some, the normal treatments are not effective, and surgery with an extended period of recovery is required. Unfortunately, the affected tendon, despite many of the prescribed treatments, does not eliminate inflammation.   

Approximately twenty years ago, Violinist Didier François was diagnosed with tendinitis on both his elbow and wrist.  Desperate by the negative results of the advice of all of the medical specialists he consulted, François determined that there was only one remedy that would be effective: the Belgian violin master’s technique Arthur Grumiaux. Today, Didier François is free from this nagging condition and now assists others with the same disorder. He is available to share his expertise through lecture and/or a master class. This one hour lecture includes:
 -A detailed powerpoint presentation on the program and explanation utilizing the violin
-A scientific analysis of the condition with X-ray and MRI scans as well as a sound analysis system (thanks to Dr. Nagyvary )
-The most current research and awareness of the cause of this condition
- Specific treatment protocol as recommended by Arthur Grumiaux’s technique, soft physical training, stretching and relaxation methods.

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